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I am a wife and mother of three children ages 11, 14, and 18. I used to be a stay-at-home mom (teaching piano & dance, volunteering, etc). From 2007 to 2010, I suffered accidental Toxic Injury (also called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS). MCS has had major impact on our family, but the forced time in bed has given me time to write. So far, I have published 4 children's books (2 in e-book format on Kindle, one in Print-on-Demand at CreateSpace, and one printed by a local printer). Sometimes I miss my old life, but I love writing for children!

Time to Grieve

My Dad passed away on Friday, so I need some time to grieve. Not sure when I will blog again, we’ll see. But today, I will share good advice given me by a number of friends this week, on grieving a … Continue reading

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The Odd Directions

One day, we were sitting chatting with our friend. One of our children came up and asked for an ice cube tray. We had one in the RV somewhere, I knew. I matter-of-factly said, “Look above the sink or in … Continue reading

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Getting through Grief

One day when our daughter Sarah, who has spina bifida, was very young, we took her to see her orthopedist.  He explained that with the level of her lesion, it would be impossible for her to walk without major assistance. … Continue reading

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Brand New, Free Audio Drama

We love audio dramas. I used to save washing dishes for after the kids’ bedtime (and play with them or do something fun instead) and then in the quiet of the late evening, do dishes while listening to The Chronicles … Continue reading

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47 Ways We Reduced Mold Risk when Building our House

Video tour of the house: Dry climate (If you follow many other ideas, you can still do well for a dry house even in a wet climate, I believe.) Ground built up higher before building Ground around sloped away … Continue reading

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Back to Work on Picture Books

I took a “break” to work on the book about our house, which was good.  Then do the house video tour, then break my wrist (LOL), then celebrate our son’s graduation from high school, then celebrate with my husband our … Continue reading

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The Results of Unprocessed Grief

Once again I am coming back from a blogging break with a “bang” and a deep subject, but it’s what is on my mind. Unprocessed grief can result in many things. These are some.  Please note:  in several of these … Continue reading

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Unusual Blogging Break

So I’m going to take a break from blogging for a while, but here’s why it’s unusual for me: it’s only because I want to and not because I pretty much HAVE to.  🙂  In the past, I have gotten … Continue reading

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Guest Post–The Crock Pot Method

Guest post by a friend of mine The Crock Pot Method of Sharing Ideas with Others I really love these ideas!  And it could apply to much more than just mold illness or MCS. My friend writes: I’ve been discouraged … Continue reading

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Just Photos

April 25th  🙂                     Sherlock and Watson watching the butterflies we hatched:                       Teenage son made beautiful popovers:       … Continue reading

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