School Stuff

Feel free to print out files in this School Stuff page!

If you would like to print out copies for an entire classroom, homeschool group, etc., I just ask that you print out the file in its entirety (including my name and contact information) and do not charge for the document, (except for a printing or photocopying fee if you want to do that).  Thank you!     Christa

Scripture Memory Ideas

Study Skills

Lowercase Alphabet Chart

Homeschool Humor

Studying South Dakota or the Black Hills?  Look here for South Dakota/Black Hills puzzles:  Free Printables


Free printable supplements for my mystery books:

The Library Thief, ques. and ans. key

(Purchase The Library Thief here:  The Library Thief


The Disappearing Snacks, ques. & ans. key

(Purchase The Disappearing Snacks here: The Disappearing Snacks








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