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House Project

Many people have come together to help us obtain a safe place to live and for me to recover.  We are so very thankful.

Southern Hills E-Free Church
1509 University Avenue
Hot Springs, SD 57747
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

9/6/16 Fundraiser Update:

We are basically to 100%.  Praise God!!!!!

In addition to the rent we pay our investors, we owe a large amount to another private individual, a medium amount to another, and other debts incurred from struggling for 5 years with homelessness and mold illness/MCS.

In addition, it will be a while before I am well enough for Steve to work full-time outside the home again.

If you would like to help, your gift could go toward any of these things, including paying bills we can’t keep up with by ourselves yet.  If there is something specific you would like your gift to go to, please include a note on or with your check.

Gifts are not tax deductible, but they are very much appreciated! 🙂  For more info you can read here: 5 Years, 11 Houses…




Welcome to my blog!

I am glad to have you here, and I welcome your comments!

Did you ever think that if you “followed the rules” and worked hard that you would certainly succeed in life? Have you ever been surprised by suffering in your life?

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12 Ways to Love the Children in Your Life

In case you can’t tell, I love children!

I love writing children’s books. I enjoy making up activities and puzzles for them.

I love featuring their work. (See our Kids’ Corner, which includes stories, recipes, crafts etc. not only for children but BY children. In my own books, I have SO enjoyed using my children’s ideas, photos, artwork, and even writing/plot edits!)

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Funny about Blogging….

I’m a little off the normal topics today, but I wanted to share this funny thing (funny to me, at least).

First of all, I’m so un-technical that to me, “cookies” mean yummy things with chocolate chips in them, “trackbacks” sounds like someone hunting deer, and “dashboard” is the thing in the car.

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Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger

“Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger” lyrics (author unknown)

I’m just a poor wayfarin’ stranger
A-travelin’ through this world of woe.

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To the Suffering and Oppressed Ones

To those who struggle mightily with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness, other chronic illness, other disability, being a caregiver for someone with chronic illness, MCS/EI homelessness, or other suffering due to no fault of your own, I have found much comfort in the following passage:

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Ode to the Black Hills

So here’s the little piece  that I wrote when I thought we were going to move to Arizona.  But I still feel this way (and I’m glad I don’t have to say “goodbye” right now.  :) )

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20 Ideas for How to Home-school from Bed

In the last 5 years, I’ve been bedridden off and on from mold and chemicals.

Here are some ideas for home-schooling through being bedridden with chronic illness, starting with the obvious idea:

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Free printable Scripture memory ideas, Study Skills ideas, questions and answer keys for my mysteries, etc.:  http://www.blackhillspicturebooks.com/kids-corner/school-stuff/





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