MCS–Miscellaneous Ideas

No ideas given on this page (or my entire website) carry any kind of guarantee.  I cannot guarantee that these ideas will work for you. 

Use the following ideas at your own risk.

 1.      I have found this air purifier to be helpful:

Allerair Purifier

It will NOT make up for a large amount of toxins, but in a relatively safe room, it does seem to improve the air.  I also use one in the car with a cigarette lighter adapter (which must be purchased separately.)

If I put my face very close to it, I seem to smell a plastic-like smell, which sometimes seems to give me nausea.  But for me, its carbon filtration and air-cleaning outweigh the plastic-like smell.

2.       We love our hand-made cotton quilts.

(Click on the photo to see it larger.  🙂 )


Many store-bought blankets and comforters are treated with flame retardant chemicals.  (And don’t get me started on that subject!!  :P)  Some blankets are made out of less-than-ideal materials to begin with.  Pre-owned blankets often carry fabric softener scents that are impossible to remove, especially if the blanket is a synthetic fabric.  We are SO blessed that family, friends, and churches have made us quilts.  We have a bunch, and we use every single one of them!!!  Sometimes when a new one is given, we can get rid of another less-than-ideal blanket….

3.       Kindle (free Kindle app for PC/Mac) or e-books are a great alternative to regular print books with their ink, mold, imbedded scents, etc.

There are even daily email subscriptions that list books that happen to be free on Kindle that day.  We have accumulated over 400 free books (so far)!!

(I have never held a Kindle device and do not know how they are, chemically speaking.  Some electronics have chemicals on them….)

4.       Vinegar on skin fungal infection seems to help the infection clear up.

5.       I now use colored pencils (natural clay binder) instead of ink pens as much as possible.

Yes, even your regular ball-point pen gives me nausea sometimes.  I figure the accumulated effect of using pencil instead day after day should help.


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  1. Some excellent recommendations Christa. Just to let you and your readers know, AllerAir is the only Air Purifier company with a dedicated MCS Air Purifier unit, we understand sensitivities very well. AllerAir’s MCS Air Purifiers are designed to provide relief. Want more information on our MCS Air Purifier, feel free to give me a call anytime. George Luker 888-852-8247 Ext 241 or send me an email

    • Christa Upton says:

      I didn’t realize that! No wonder I like my Aller Air purifiers so well. 🙂 Thank you!!!

      Sorry it took me so long to approve your comment and reply. I was taking a blogging break and forgot to check. 🙂

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