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Just for fun, my Canadian friend’s husband analyzed my health improvements that happened after living in this low-tox house for a year.  Here is what he came up with:

“Well using the Emer method to evaluate these numbers seems the best approach.. Methodology will be explained after the analysis.

“The reduction of symptoms seems to speak to quality of life.. While the increase in out of bed hours speaks to quantity… The analysis will take this into account.

“The 8 symptoms out of 24  suggests a 33%. Improvement. However since these 8 were weighted higher in severity. We will weight these 8 at 1.5 compared to the remaining 16.  The resulting formula is thus:
Quality = (8 *1.5)/24
. . . . . . . = 12/24
Suggesting a 50% improvement in quality of life

“The quantity question needs to factor in a suggested sleeping period of at least 8 hours.. This leaves 16 hours or 960 minutes of potential time out of bed.

“Previously out of bed was 15 minutes or 1.5% of waking hours spent out of bed.

“Currently out of bed is 240 minutes. Or 25% out of bed…

“Using simple math we see a 23.5% increase in quantity of time out of bed.

“In summary.. 50% improvement in quality plus 23.5 in quantity… Results in a overall average improvement of 37.65%

“The Emer methodology used in this analysis came from going “Em…. ER… and then making some formulas up…. However in hindsight I might actually have come up with something as your improvement is quite impressive and probably can be described as priceless.

“This analysis has not been reviewed by the food and drug administration (thankfully) nor Health Canada.. And should not be construed as containing anything more than entertainment and encouragement.”

I LOVE it!!!!  🙂 


Christa Upton   Black Hills Picture Books   Edgemont, SD  57735

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I am a wife and mother of three children ages 11, 14, and 18. I used to be a stay-at-home mom (teaching piano & dance, volunteering, etc). From 2007 to 2010, I suffered accidental Toxic Injury (also called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS). MCS has had major impact on our family, but the forced time in bed has given me time to write. So far, I have published 4 children's books (2 in e-book format on Kindle, one in Print-on-Demand at CreateSpace, and one printed by a local printer). Sometimes I miss my old life, but I love writing for children!
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