Am I Glad God Chose Homeschooling for Us?

mother-reading-a-book-to-children-1438086Before we had children, I said I’d never homeschool.

Nearly two decades later, our oldest is about to graduate, homeschooled K-12!

I’m getting nostalgic because it’s his last year. Last first-day-of-school-treasure-hunt, last high school classes.

Like every mother, I can’t believe he’s grown already.

I remember the day of his birth, highchairs, T-ball, Kindergarten, children’s choir. And little blue shirts, swing sets, making pizza dough with him sitting on the counter to help. And bikes, baseball, neighbor kids, boy scouts, handbells, and soccer.

I wonder where the little tow-headed boy who used to drench himself and everything else nearby while watering my flowers went.

(He still likes to water the garden, though. 🙂 )

Yeah, a few tears are dropping.

But it’s part of life and so good to see the amazing person that little boy turned into. We are very, very proud of him. Especially his love for the Lord and the Word of God.

I was surprised when God led us to homeschooling. But it made sense for us, since Steve spent a lot of weekends working at the church. So we could school on Saturday and take Friday off together.

So, I researched, studied learning styles and teaching, went to a homeschooling conference, gathered materials, and began.

It hasn’t always been easy, particularly when struggling with homelessness, navigating the ravages of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and trying to balance school with needing Nathan’s help so much.

But Nathan has been able to put in the hours to graduate with a full high-school load, on time—praise God!!!! Assuming we can just get through this last year. LOL

We started in early August so he can take some time off Physics and English during the intense DIY house stuff. (But he will get a semester credit for Residential House Building.  🙂   )

That was after finishing in late July with last year’s courses because we needed his help several times moving and all. Plus still finishing Spanish II this August. We’ve lived in a different house every year of his high school! Plus camped many months, too.

(Homeschooling while camping? Put books in a box with spines up. Keep box in camper or car. On rainy days, try to gather stuff where you’ll be working before the rain starts! Be flexible. Try not to pull your hair out.)

But am I glad God chose homeschooling for us?

Unequivocally YES!!!! 🙂

I wouldn’t for the world give up:

  • Seeing the light dawn in his eyes when he’d understand something.
  • Watching him learn to read and then learn to love reading.
  • Learning more about how he thinks.
  • Coming up with crazy ways to remember stuff for the test together. (I learned how to do this from MY Mom!)
  • Spending time together.
  • Having the flexibility to change our schedule when friends or family would come visit.
  • Using my creativity to come up with lesson plans.
  • Having the kids grow close from being home together.

A bonus has been keeping the kids away from all the chemicals in schools. More important for us because they are far more susceptible than average.

Learning, growing, and enjoying life together has been wonderful.

If you homeschool, what do you like about homeschooling?

PS  Here is a song our son wrote & performed:

Set Me Free

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