8 Ways to Get Rid of Anger

With difficulties in life or hurt from other people often comes anger. This is normal, natural, and “needed.”

Technically anger probably isn’t “needed,” but acknowledgment of it is. I’m not sure it is humanly possible to face severe troubles without anger, and denying or suppressing anger causes problems.

However, staying in a place of anger also causes problems.

Some things to try regarding moving away from anger:

1. “Have it out” with God. Tell Him how you feel; He can handle it (good advice from a mentor years ago).

2. Realize none of us deserve anything. Why should we think we “don’t deserve” to suffer? Are we that holy? Like it or not, no one “owes” us anything.

3. However, life really IS unfair sometime. So read the Psalms, especially Psalm 37 and 73. (Great comfort to me there.)

4. Express your anger in safe ways, with “safe” people that you trust.

5. In situations regarding evil human behavior, focus on forgiveness. Does forgiveness say the hurtful action was okay? NO. Forgiveness says, “I give up my right to hurt you even though you hurt me.”

6. Remember that you are not perfect, thus you have hurt others and need their forgiveness and of course God’s forgiveness.

7. Think of others who inspire you to courage: Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Corrie Ten Boom, Nathan Hale, and Nick Vujicic come to my mind right away.

8. Above all, ask God to help you. He can even help you want to give up your anger if you are struggling with that first step.

Let go of anger; reap peace and joy for yourself.


Have you experienced benefit from letting go of anger?

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