My New Favorite Probiotic

Disclaimers:  I cannot guarantee any results or guarantee that this will work for you.  Please consult your doctor before trying this, especially if you are pregnant.  Also, my friend is a representative of this company.  (But I am not posting this because she is a rep; I’m posting it because it worked for me!!  🙂 )

Over the last months, my tummy problems have slowly increased.  Finally, a few weeks ago, despite my chicken broth and daily probiotics, I could hardly digest anything.  It was awful.

The next day, a package arrived from a friend, including a new probiotic.

I tried it cautiously, because I have had a lot of bad experiences with “products.”

Well, this time, the more I drank, the better I felt and the more I could eat!  By the fourth day, I was literally sipping on it all day and really starting to feel better.  By evening, I ate my first “real meal” in four days.

I even went off it for a few days.  Sure enough, I began to have more and more trouble digesting food, even while increasing my other probiotics foods.

Here is the science/hypotheses of likely why this is working:

  • My tummy problems began to be worse because of accidental exposure to herbicides this summer.  (Various problems are increasing the problem over time, especially the last few months.)
  • Herbicides can kill off the good flora in the gut (Jockers).
  • Probiotics replenish good flora in the gut.
  • Therefore, probiotics counter the effects of herbicides (and probably other antimicrobials).
  • I do horrible with pills, plus I have this gut feeling (ha ha) that probiotics that are “active” and “less processed” may be better for the human body.
  • The probiotics in my other fermented foods contain foods that are hard on my stomach when my stomach/digestion is at its weakest (garlic in my pickles, dill in my kraut, etc.)
  • I believe that this new product is gentler on my tummy, so I can take more of it (all day right now).

So, what is it?  (Drum roll please….  🙂 )  Terrain Oregano from Beyond Organics!!!  🙂

It is a cultured herb, and it has organic acids as well as probiotics.

Find it here:  Beyond Organic Terrain

Also in the interests of honesty, I tried the ginger, and it was too hard on my tummy (probably because ginger is “hot” kind of like chili).  I expect that if I can get into a safe environment and get my stomach stronger, I might be able to do the ginger someday.

Jockers, Dr. David.  “Roundup Herbicide and GMOs Destroy the Digestive System.”  Natural Health 365.  16 June, 2013.  Web.  25 January, 2014.

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  1. I checked it out. Looks good, I like Jordan Ruben and didn’t know he had started another business. I used to recommend the Garden of Life products to my friends.

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