So why do I keep changing the photo at the top of my website?  Because I get tired of looking at the same one!   🙂

Also it’s because when I am literally too tired to do anything but sit on my bed and type (when I’m even too tired to talk), I find messing with photos etc. fun.  Because of my extremely severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I can no longer play piano much, sing much, or dance.  But the artist in me won’t go away!!  I like being artistic with my photos when I can.  When driving somewhere for fresh air and such, Steve is used to me saying, “Oh, can you stop for a minute?!” so I can take a photo.   🙂

Other miscellaneous quirks:

  • I usually change the names of the characters in my stories at least twice!  The “person” is in my mind, but I usually can’t figure out their name right away.
  • I love “hippie clothes”!  And bare feet!  And Castile soap!  Not marijuana, though.  🙂
  • I pick up accents in half a second and start using the accent myself (accidentally), but I can’t “imitate” accents on purpose at all.  (I’m pretty sure I now sound like some weird blend of South Dakotan, Missourian, and possibly whatever TV I’ve been watching lately….)
  • Did you guess my other quirk yet?  I use so many smiley faces in my writing that I often go through emails (even personal emails) and other writing and delete some smiley faces (and exclamation points) so people don’t think I’m weird.  Seriously.  True Story.  😀  (Yes, if I were writing on paper, I’d probably use pink pencils, dot my i’s with hearts, overload with exclamation points….!)

Steve said I could share his funniest quirk with you, too:

He likes almost EVERY kind of music out there!  This means that when he puts his iTunes on shuffle, I get whiplash from hearing peaceful Vivaldi, followed by rockin’ Stryper, followed by romantic Barry Manilow, followed by worshipful Michael W. Smith, followed by jazzy Manhattan Transfer, followed by glorious Dowland Renaissance, followed by twangy Randy Travis….   LOL  I tease him, but actually I love it (and actually enjoy almost everything he enjoys.  Except Stryper…sorry…!   🙂 )   Plus that way he pleases everyone.  I’m a bit happier to hear when it gets to Bach, and Nathan is glad when Newsboys comes up….  🙂

Please share your quirks with me!  I’m a people-person and love interesting/funny stuff.  Plus you might give me ideas for a new character in my books.  🙂  I promise I won’t make a WHOLE character out of you, though.   Most of my characters are “composites” of characteristics I love in other people.  

About Christa Upton

I am a wife and mother of three children ages 11, 14, and 18. I used to be a stay-at-home mom (teaching piano & dance, volunteering, etc). From 2007 to 2010, I suffered accidental Toxic Injury (also called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS). MCS has had major impact on our family, but the forced time in bed has given me time to write. So far, I have published 4 children's books (2 in e-book format on Kindle, one in Print-on-Demand at CreateSpace, and one printed by a local printer). Sometimes I miss my old life, but I love writing for children!
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