What to Do?

Nothing on my website should be construed as medical advice.  I am not a doctor.  I am only a person with severe MCS who has done a lot of research, “paid attention” to my experiences, and followed the good advice of those who have gone before me (with good results). 

Pray, pray, pray about what to do.  The God of the Universe, the God Who has made Himself known through the Bible, knows your situation better than anyone else does.

Eliminate as many chemicals from your environment as you can.  (See my ideas here:  Possible Causes and Problem Chemicals )

Research and pray about which sources to trust and what information to discard.  Some information out there says that MCS is psychological.  It is NOT.  MCS is a physiological problem caused by the body being exposed to toxins.  More research is needed to find out the exact process in the body, (though this is true of many other illnesses besides MCS).  Many people struggle with admitting that perfumes (etc.) can be harmful to the body.

Pray about which advice to follow for your particular situation.

Realize that inspection for mold in your home is a very tricky ordeal.  Some companies are NOT well-educated in the dangers of mold.

We were told not to open up suspect walls without Hazmat-type protection.  We now know that this was VERY good advice because opening up walls (or whatever) can affect humans, objects, etc.  Mold toxins will pretty much stay on objects until you wash them off.  I know this personally because I can detect mold toxins on an object through a specific physical reaction I have to the toxins.

Here the best article, by far, that I have ever read on mold remediation: http://www.toxic-mould-support-australia.org/getting-rid-of-mould-part-1-building-materials/

Proper mold remediation is extremely expensive.  Proper mold remediation should be done with proper containment, negative air machines, sand or ice blasting the mold off of beams, etc.  Our advice at this point (without further information) is not to trust any kind of “spray” of any kind.  (We learned the hard way.)  For optimum health results, mold must be physically removed, not “killed” or covered up.

This can be a scary prospect.  We know.  We’ve been through having to abandon our home completely.  The value of the house dropped about 75% when we fully disclosed the mold we had found.

ASK THE LORD what to do.

Try to make your home environment safer by replacing carpet with ceramic tile, using low-VOC paints (or none at all), switching from propane or gas to electric, etc.

Change clothes and take showers after going somewhere “scented” (like the grocery store).

One option is to build from scratch for MCS.  We highly recommend this book:

Healthy House Building for the New Millennium

Be open to what the Lord has for you.  Ask the Lord to help your heart and mind be open to His leading.

God moved us half-way across the country (for the high altitude, drier climate, decreased agricultural spraying, and lower population).  But maybe that is not what He has for you.

All I know is that whatever He has for you is the BEST thing.  He made the world and all that is in it.  He knows what is best for you.  (Notice I said “best,” not “easy,” not necessarily “what you want,” etc.  But I know it is ALWAYS worth it to surrender to God.)

If you would like to have me pray for you, feel free to email me at steveandchrista@yahoo.com and I will pray for you.



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