Storage Solutions

We have found three storage materials that work better (by far) for me–metal, glass, & ceramic.  Not only are they stable materials, but also when they are washed, they “release” scents and other chemicals that might be clinging to them.  Therefore, even “pre-owned” items in these categories work for me!!


  • We use popcorn tins and Christmas tins for everything from toys to office supplies to snacks (if the tins aren’t rusty).
  • Last year we got a large number of beautiful popcorn tins from a family involved with the traditional boyscout popcorn fundraiser.  You might try connecting with a boy scout on this!  Maybe the popcorn customers would like to donate the empty tins to a good cause (someone with MCS) when they are finished with the popcorn.
  • Some resale shops and used clothing places have tins now & then.
  • We had to get used to “circular storage,” 🙂 but it works.
  • Metal file cabinets are a life-saver for organization of my papers.
  • Metal shelves are wonderful!!  We lay a thin sheet of cardboard under our canned goods to keep them from “wobbling” on the metal shelf “bars.”  (Cardboard isn’t perfect, but that small amount isn’t a big deal to me.)  You could also use disposable metal baking sheets.
  • We use metal mixing bowls in our kitchen a lot.  Sometimes I even use extra bowls for storing small toys.


  • Baby food jars are so nice for small things.
  • Any and every type of canning jar is good for leftovers, nuts, other snacks, frozen bread crumbs, etc.
  • We keep glass jars from salsa, etc. and use those as well.  (Though sometimes things stored in salsa jars will pick up salsa scent, at least to my very sensitive nose!  🙂 )
  • We freeze some things (lemon juice, egg whites) in small amounts in ice-cube trays and then dump the cubes into large glass jars to keep in the freezer.


  • I have coffee mugs full of pencils everywhere in my house!
  • Pretty ceramic bowls could work on very safe shelves away from children.
  • Just a tidbit of random info:  before I got MCS, I had only one collection:  tea cups.  Was that a gift from God that my tea cups are one of the few “non-essentials” we could save from the mold house?!  Also, I started collecting tea cups and later found out my great-grandmother had also collected tea cups!  Can something like that be hereditary?  🙂

Do you have more thoughts on using metal, glass, or ceramic?  Do you know of other low-chemical storage products?  I would love to hear your ideas!!!

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