MCS–What is it?

I could probably write pages and pages about what MCS is, but instead, I will just give you a summary in my own words.

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MCS is an illness caused by the body being overwhelmed with toxins.

Many factors apparently contribute, including the fact that some people’s bodies do not deal with toxins as well as others’ bodies do.

As a person develops MCS, his or her body appears to get “farther and farther behind” in successfully eliminating toxins.

Since a toxin is not eliminated like it should be (and like it is in other people), it begins to cause symptoms.  For instance, artificial scents (that the person may have even previously enjoyed) now cause the person extreme nausea or headache.

Eventually, the body can be so overwhelmed that symptoms begin to increase and increase.  People with severe MCS (like mine) have symptoms affecting almost every major body system (like I do).  This is when MCS becomes disabling.

In every case of significant recovery (that I have read about, seen, or heard about), the person has eliminated more and more chemicals from his or her environment and lived this way for a long time until his or her body has had a chance to “catch up” with the toxins.

Most people with severe MCS who have been able to obtain this low-chemical environment for a long period of time report that they are eventually able to encounter larger amounts of toxins (going out into the “regular” world) if they continue to be careful.

The “status quo” in America is a relatively high level of chemicals, in most areas of the country.  One has to work very, very hard to reduce chemicals.  The biggest problem in this area is housing.  It is impossible to find housing low-chemical-enough to recover from severe MCS unless the house was built or renovated specifically for MCS.

The “normal” person’s body does not have much difficulty dealing with the every-day onslaught of chemicals in American cities.  Many people’s bodies can keep up with the demand, so many people live extraordinarily healthy lives despite the amount of chemicals in our society.

But once the body breaks down in the face of too many toxins, it is an uphill battle to gain ground.  And, if the trends of high-chemical use and lack of knowledge about indoor mold continue, I believe more and more people will succumb to the illness of MCS.