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Spiritual encouragement and information about MCS:

Aroma of Christ

Sharing Air

Dune by the Sea


Amazing photography, some specifically MCS-related:

(Her Facebook page is here.)


LOTS of fantastic information about MCS and support:

The Labyrinth

Sonda’s MCS Chatter

Seriously “Sensitive” to Pollution

Sensitive to Chemicals

Chemical Sensitivity Foundation

Alison Johnson

MCS Friends  Hope, Support, Information

Chemical Injury Information Network


Information more specific to mold illness:

Paradigm Change

       My guest post on their blog site:


Excellent blog and information from an extremely successful mold avoider, talented author, and lovely musician. She is healing tremendously from extremely severe biotoxin illness and shares amazing information and even offers consultation services:


Mold Sensitized’s Interview with me:


Wonderful peer-reviewed science article on mold damage:


Wonderful devotional book written especially for MCS:

Comfort in the Storm


Air purifier similar to the one that I use (I think this is the newer version):

Allerair Purifier

Note: My purifier’s risks outweighed the benefits the last 5 years.  A couple times in desperation, I had 2 going in my bedroom.  Now, it is not worth it (or necessary) in my really good bedroom except rare occasions, such as when the wildfire smoke was bad even with windows closed.  If I put my face very close, I can smell something that gives me slight nausea.

Now we have one by the stinky dishwasher and one in a box with “stinky” books.


Resource for healthier building/renovating products and instructions for building a healthy home:

Healthy House Building for the New Millennium


Source for probiotic drinks/food:

















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