How Our Church Helped Us

Our credit had been ruined by the hidden mold in our house and subsequent short sale of the house, so our church found some private individuals who were willing and able to loan a huge amount of money to build the house.

They also sponsored a very large fundraiser to cover the rest of the costs. This fundraiser involved our pastor writing a wonderful letter, our online local homeschool group contributing and spreading the word, numerous other churches of friends or where we had attended living in other towns in the past doing the same, another local church that did a fun potato bar fundraiser, our alma mater giving a short update about us in the university newsletter allowing some to reconnect with us and help as well, a dear friend from high school tirelessly sharing our information and doing a Go Fund Me campaign, and I think I’m forgetting something. It was a huge effort, and many people gave sacrificially. In the past, another church did a fun children’s fair, and our friend generously gave a benefit concert.

One friend found many pre-owned metal and ceramic items we could use in the house, and others contributed beautiful fabrics (used for curtains), expertise, encouragement, prayers.  One family took us in for months while the house was being built.

Our church also found volunteers to save a great amount of money on labor, and Steve and Nathan were able to do most of the tiling and wall construction (plaster).

We can only say “thank you” to all of them and those who gave to the fundraiser and even after the fundraiser for this incredible help and trust God to bless them back. I still cannot wrap my head around how they did all this. Every day I am grateful for this house, grateful for the suffering it has relieved, grateful to be alive and getting better.