Nothing on my website should be construed as medical advice.  I am not a doctor.  I am only a person with severe MCS who has done a lot of research, “paid attention” to my experiences, and followed the good advice of those who have gone before me. 

Here are some things that I feel have helped me, but be aware that all people are different.  Also, sometimes I become temporarily unable to eat some of these foods depending on my current exposure to chemicals.  🙁   (Try these at your own risk.)

  1. Probiotics
  • raw, fermented saur kraut or pickles
  • raw-milk yogurt (or regular yogurt if your digestion can handle it; sometimes I can, especially if I am also drinking raw cow’s milk)
  • raw apple cider vinegar
  • probiotic drinks    I like Terrain Basil:  Terrain Basil

2.  Homemade broth or stock and homemade soup

3.  Raw cow’s milk

I cannot tolerate pasteurized cow’s milk.  In contrast, I notice if I go too long without raw milk (especially if I am in a high-chemical environment)!

4.  Dark purple grape juice and other antioxidants

5.  Flax seeds, whole grains, nuts, olive oil, and wild canned salmon (but BE CAREFUL of mercury toxicity with fish!!!!  I suggest you do your own research on this issue.)

6.  Cooked veggies (seem to be easier to digest) and cooked or pureed fruits (ditto).

7.  Homemade baked goods–helps in avoiding preservatives.  (It’s hard to preserve baked goods, especially without freezing, so factories use a lot of preservatives.)  We have TONS of recipes and techniques.  Please ask questions if you like, and I can post more on this!

8.  Homemade desserts–you can sneak whole wheat pastry flour, and even ground flax seeds or nuts, into MANY desserts, and they are just as good (IMHO).  Some are even better (IMHO)!  🙂

9.  Unbleached white flour as a substitute for bleached flour

Please let me know if you would like recipes or techniques and I will post them!!!  I could post pages and pages, and many sites out there are filled with good homemade recipes.  But I do want to post what you readers would like!  🙂






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