Activities to try at home


Pretend Travel

  • Make up your own city or town for people to visit.  What would be in your city?  Where could people get something to eat?  What could they do?  Write it down or draw a map.
  • Pretend you are going camping.  What will you take?  What will you do if it rains?  What will you eat?  What will you do if a wild animal comes?
  • Write a story about a child going on a trip.  Make something exciting happen in the middle and tell how the excitement ends.


  • Here’s a silly one.  Take a handful of colored pencils or crayons.  Make sure all the points are pointing down and even, so they are all touching the paper.  Scribble.  My kids named this art technique a “Superdoodle”!
  • Get permission to do this messy one before you start!!  Lay down paper towels or newspaper.  Set a plain white paper on top.  Squirt a little puddle of school glue onto the paper.  Ask a parent or guardian to put a drop or two of food coloring in the glue.  Swirl the color around with a toothpick.
  • Cut a strip of paper or thin cardboard to make a bookmark.  Decorate with artwork and/or words.


You might want to send your finished projects to a relative for Christmas!