ONE YEAR in the Low-Tox House

Wow, what a year!!! It’s been amazing to feel safe from pollution, gain strength, lose symptoms, help around the house, feel safe, spend much more time with the kids. Did I mention feeling safe? 🙂
The last couple months, my peaks and valleys have been more unpredictable–higher peaks (9 hours without having to lie down ) and not exactly lower valleys but more of them. It appears that detox is causing some more headaches and need for rest after long days, while the windows closed during cold weather may be contributing to the overall struggle. I’ve had to reduce my use of books (ink) in particular since airing out the house has been reduced.
But our conjecture is that things IN the house (books, non-perfect chairs, scents on the wheels of our daughter’s wheelchair from errands, maybe even my mattress) are more of the culprit than the house itself.
Anyhow, then this month I had to renew my driver’s license. It would be my first time in a public building in a long time.
As soon as we reached town, the Reactive Airway Syndrome began, likely from wood smoke and car exhaust, although propane could have contributed. But I did not get nausea as in the past.
The people at the DMV were amazing–very kind, let Steve do my paperwork, helped me quickly, etc. (When’s the last time you heard of a wonderful experience at the DMV?  🙂   Our people are special.)
When I entered (using my cotton washcloth as a mask–the only kind of “mask” I can tolerate), my lungs protested. “What in the world is this air we’re getting?” LOL It was so foreign to my body–the typical cocktail of fabric softeners, cleaners, inks, and building materials found in most buildings. My chest felt heavy and I was extremely dizzy. However, once again I did not get my typical nausea, nor did I get heart palpitations I used to get with fabric softener. I was ecstatic.
A trip like this used to cost me between three and ten days of recovery.
This time, it took less than a day!!!!!!
I came home and showered and spent the rest of the day in bed. But I woke up feeling normal.
I couldn’t believe it. This improvement means I absolutely have hope of going out regularly again one day. I honestly didn’t know if my body was too damaged to expect this.
Our son, Nathan, gave me permission to share his analogy for MCS. The body is a castle, and chemicals are the enemy. When you first get MCS, your castle gets torn down.  So then until you can get it completely rebuilt, it is vulnerable to attacks from the enemy, aka the chemicals. The only way to rebuild the castle is by avoiding the enemy, i.e. living in a low-tox house. You can’t keep building a castle if the enemy keeps attacking and destroying it. But once it’s completely built up and “perfect” again, it’s going to stand up to attacks a lot better.
I love this analogy.
So, I will be continuing to rebuild my castle, getting stronger until I can take care of the household and withstand the arrows of the chemical enemy.
Christa Upton   Black Hills PIcture Books   Edgemont, SD 57735


About Christa Upton

I am a wife and mother of three children ages 11, 14, and 18. I used to be a stay-at-home mom (teaching piano & dance, volunteering, etc). From 2007 to 2010, I suffered accidental Toxic Injury (also called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS). MCS has had major impact on our family, but the forced time in bed has given me time to write. So far, I have published 4 children's books (2 in e-book format on Kindle, one in Print-on-Demand at CreateSpace, and one printed by a local printer). Sometimes I miss my old life, but I love writing for children!
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  1. Debra says:

    I am so happy for you, Christa! That is awesome news. What joy you must feel to start having your body heal. That’s incredible.

  2. deborahseely says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and and expertise! Your words give me hope that someday, I too can find my safe house and begin to heal.

  3. Jennifer van gilst says:

    So glad you are feeling better !! Your story gives me hope that I can start healing too !

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