Solar Cooking is a Blast!

Solar cooking using a Solar Hot Pot boasts a number of advantages:

  • no electricity or fuel needed
  • no smoke or combustion by-products generated
  • little risk of burning food
  • concentrated flavors (yum!)
  • slight charring sometimes (yum!)
  • often decent browning, especially in the summer months (yum!)

And in addition to all that, I find it very fun!!!  It has been so interesting trying different foods and recipes.  So far, three of my favorites are:  Orange Sun Chicken, Sunny Yellow Quiche with Potato Crust, and Chocolate Sun Fondue.








picture:  banana in Chocolate Sun Fondue in Solar Hot Pot

To find these and more recipes, go to my blogging page here:

and scroll down to the bottom for all my recipes and new posts.  I am on my 35th recipe now–Sunny Sausage Pizza!  It was very yummy.  Used the Solar Hot Pot for it from beginning to end–no microwave, stove, oven, or anything else.

I’m hoping to complete 50 recipes by October.  Planning no-bake cookies, baked oatmeal, and Pizza Sunbeans soon!  🙂








picture:  Chicken Hot Pot Pie in Solar Hot Pot

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2 Responses to Solar Cooking is a Blast!

  1. segmation says:

    You have some great ideas! Which recipe is the easiest?

    • Christa Upton says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂 (And sorry it took me so long to answer your comment! I haven’t been able to get to internet much this summer!) Anyway, I think probably the easiest (other than cooking plain mushrooms, beets, or other veggies with a little oil or water) is the Chocolate Sun Fondue. For main dishes, I would say Salsa Sun Chicken is the easiest (and yummy, too! LOL)

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